Justice For Matt Bandy or How you could go to jail for life for images someone else put on your computer

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CAUTION Click: A group of Citizens who got together to fight against the unfair treatment that people receive when charged with an internet offense.

Change.org: Publicize injustice with a petition everyone can sign.

Families Against Mandatory Minimums: A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization fighting for fair and proportionate sentencing laws that allow judicial discretion while maintaining public safety.

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The Ethics of Prosecutor Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas became the Maricopa County Attorney weeks after the police raid on the Bandys. He directed the prosecution against Matt.

When Thomas came into office he was a young, inexperienced attorney who positioned himself as being tough on crime. Eventually, he became best known for using the power of his office to intimidate and bring criminal charges against political opponents. In another instance, he brought false murder charges against the operator of a day-care center.

He is now in private practice but is being investigated for the ethics violations, including conflicts of interest and possible criminal misconduct he committed while in office. An independent investigator for the State Bar Association has recommended that Thomas be disbarred.

Thomas, Aubuchon to be stripped of legal licenses April 10, 2012

Taxpayers to Continue Footing Bill for Andrew Thomas Defense June 24, 2011

Former Thomas Aide Aubuchon loses appeal March 14, 2011

Cleaning up Thomas's mess: Rose Wilcox case dismissed February 3, 2011

Andrew Thomas files claim vs Arizona February 9, 2011

Andrew Thomas nominated as "Worst Prosecutor of the Year" January 3, 2011

Investigator to recommend disbarment in Thomas ethics case December 6, 2010

State bar probable cause order against Andrew Thomas [pdf] December 6, 2010

Andrew Thomas warned by staff not to pursue charges [Video] November 12, 2010

Andrew Thomas caught burnishing his own Wikipedia page February 28, 2008

Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution October 18, 2007

Doubting Thomas County prosecutors charged a teenager with looking at kiddy porn. Turns out they hadn't done their homework. January 25, 2007

Andrew Thomas on Wikipedia

Compromised computers

NY case underscores Wi-Fi privacy dangers

FBI Porn Raid Leaves Innocent Family Reeling

Is your computer a zombie?

Zombie computer on Wikipedia

What is a zombie computer?

How to fix your zombie computer

Why many home users need a zombie-PC fix — but don't know it

Malware on Wikipedia

Computer virus mastermind arrested in Armenia

FBI cracks down (again) on zombie computer armies

The economics of botnets

Zombie botnets

Articles about Matt Bandy

ABC's Jim Avila interviews Andrew Thomas about the Matt Bandy case

ABC News: Prison time for viewing porn? (print version)

In child-porn case, technology entraps the innocent

Matt Bandy could be you. Or me.

Articles about other wrongful or questionable prosecutions

Matt Bandy is not the only person unjustly charged with child pornography because of a computer that was turned into a "zombie" or "bot" — that is, a computer remotely controlled, without its owner's knowledge or cooperation, by a criminal. It's also possible for a computer user to receive child-porn images via unwanted pop-ups while visiting an adult porn site. (Such images may remain in the computer's cache even after the user has deleted them.) Here are other people who were wrongfully or questionably prosecuted for child porn or other crimes because criminals took over their computers.

Julie Amero — a teacher who faced 40 years in prison because of a zombie computer:

After Amero porn case group sees more fights ahead

Security Watch: Free the Norwich 1

40 Years for porn-infected PC

State of Connecticutt v. Julie Amero

Michael Fiola — A government worker victimized because of a poorly configured state-owned computer

Probe shows kiddie porn rap was bogus

Computer forensics vindicates man fired for possessing child pornography

Massachusetts worker cleared of child porn after malware found on his computer: life still in shambles

Cautionary tale: How a misconfigured laptop ruined a worker's life

Shannon SlaterMr. Slater was convicted by a jury in 2011 and we take no position on whether he is innocent or guilty. But it appears that prosecutors and the jury never examined evidence that his computer might have received child porn images via pop ups while visiting adult porn sites or by becoming a zombie.

Trial defense suggests zombie computer at work in pornography case

Jury finds man guilty of child porn possession over claim of zombie computer

Julian Green — British man goes to jail and loses child custody on wrongful charges

Porn charges dropped with Trojan horse defense

Trojan horse found responsible for child porn

Serry Winkler — Woman raided because of compromised computer

Computer hacking results in armed police raid

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